• Clément Marchand

Next Update - Rescue Mode! bring me home!

Hello fellow astronauts,

Here is some news from space for you.

We are currently working hard on the next update : Rescue Mode.

This gamemode will be quite different from what you've experienced so far with the normal and hardcore modes.

You will have to survive a dozen scenarios, each longer and harder, in order to finally be rescued by another ship.

Yes you heard that right! You will finally be able to survive this cosmic nightmare!

You will start in your original ship, right before the evacuation.

You will be given a limited amount of time to flee the burning wreck before it explodes. Bring as many components and tools as you need to survive and eject yourself. But be careful, you never know in what state your good old pod was left after its last maintenance. Some components might be missing, others could be damaged. It's always better to check first, if you are fast enough!

You will also have to maintain a beacon online in order for the rescue ship to find you. Anytime it stops working, the timer stops as well.

Each level unlocks new events and components, allowing you to go through a smooth progression until the very end. Maybe you'll get to go home once you are done after all!

Oh and unlocking all scenarios will open a new tab "Scenario Editor". This editor will allow you to create your own custom scenarios, from starting pod condition to events, and ship content.

We will keep you informed as soon as the beta branch is updated with the new content!

See you soon in space,

The Tin Can Team

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