• Clément Marchand

We just released the update 0.0.66!

Hello fellow astronauts!

Face new challenges with the addition of fire and leaks! Sparks will eventually turn into flames, depending on the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as well as pressure. Flames will convert O2 in CO2, and generate heat, and will slowly destroy affected components! You'll have to grab your fire extinguisher and act quickly! Or you could just open the airlock... Leaks will show up from time to time, whether because of a space collision or if you are not careful with your pod's internal pressure. You'll have to react quickly to locate them and fix them to avoid losing your atmosphere! The update also brings new storage drawers! Some random components will be placed inside every single time you start a game as a little extra to make it a bit further. Various other improvements have been made since the last update. If you are interested in the full list you can go and take a look at the changelog. We are now focusing on the next update : Rescue Mode! Rescue mode will finally allow you to avoid death, if you can make it far enough. A rescue ship will eventually find you and get you to safety, away from your badly designed pod. You will also be able to start the game before your initial ship's explosion, giving you a limited amount of time to do a diagnostic of your pod and to collect whatever components you can get your hands on. We can't wait for you guys to try it out! See you out there in space! The Tin Can Team

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